Sinus Lift Surgery For Dental Implants

May 15, 202422 Views

If you want dental implants but don’t have enough bone in your jaw to hold them securely, your dentist might suggest sinus lift surgery. This is also known as sinus augmentation or sinus graft. Why Do People Need a Sinus Graft? A sinus lift is done when there’s not enough bone in the upper jaw […]

A Short Guide To Dental Implant Maintenance

Apr 30, 202459 Views

Dental implants are a top choice for replacing lost teeth because they usually work well for a long time. Most dentists say they’re the best option for many people who need to replace teeth. One big reason people like implants is that they tend to last a long time—more than 95 out of 100 times, […]

Can Gums Grow Over Teeth: When & Why

Apr 15, 202490 Views

When we think about oral health, we usually think about our teeth first. But our gums are just as important if thin gum tissues are problematic. Thick and protruding gums are not good news either. If seeing puffy gum tissues makes you wonder, “Can gums grow over teeth”? Read on to discover the answer. What […]

How Long Do Cut Gums Take To Heal?

Mar 30, 202462 Views

Injuries to the mouth are quite common, especially in kids and those who play rough sports. While cuts on the gums aren’t as common as other mouth injuries, they can still happen. Gums are the soft tissues in your mouth, which are pretty delicate. That means they can get cut easily. When they do, they […]

What Is A Periodontal Pocket?

Mar 15, 2024101 Views

Imagine your gums as cozy little blankets hugging your teeth, keeping them snug and safe. But sometimes, things get a bit wonky, and these blankets loosen up, creating little pockets or gaps around your teeth. These pockets are what we call periodontal pockets. They are tiny hideouts where bacteria can sneak in and cause trouble. […]

Why Does One Tooth Hurt When I Floss?

Feb 29, 202491 Views

When one tooth hurts when you floss, it could signify a few things going on. Sometimes, food gets caught in an awkward spot, causing temporary discomfort. Other times, it might indicate something more serious, like a cavity, gum inflammation, or even a cracked tooth. For occasional discomfort, try switching up your flossing technique and be […]

The Impact Of An Impacted Canine Tooth On Oral Health

Feb 15, 202482 Views

Canine teeth are those pointy ones that give our smiles a little extra flair. Sometimes, though, these canines can be rebellious and shy away from showing up. This makes the impacted canine tooth happen. Consider it an introvert who refuses to join their neighbors and socialize. When all the teeth erupt through the gums as […]

What Is a Deep Cleaning at The Dentist?

Jan 30, 2024116 Views

Your dentist scales away the plaque and tartar, even in those sneaky spots you might miss with your toothbrush. Then comes the root planing part, where they smooth out the roots of your teeth to make it harder for the pesky plaque to return. This explains deep cleaning at the dentist. Consider it a spa […]

I Have No Teeth What Are My Options

Jan 15, 202495 Views

Your smile is like a puzzle, and missing teeth are the gaps in it. It is noticeably incomplete without them. It is beyond aesthetics and involves practical concerns. Such as chewing and speech issues. However, no need to stress that modern dentistry has various ways to complete your smile puzzle. Cheap Options for Missing Teeth […]

Horizontal Impacted Wisdom Tooth: Signs and Removal

Dec 30, 202392 Views

Every tooth that erupts from our gums comes out vertically. This is the position that can be useful, as we need the biting surface on top to chew food. But what if they try to erupt horizontally? Imagine the oral health disaster it can bring! It can be highly painful and inconvenient as food and […]



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