Extraction Socket Preservation in Cypress, TX

According to research, about half of the alveolar bone undergoes resorption after tooth loss or extraction. Teeth are the main reason for bone production in the jaw, so after their loss, the bone continues to deteriorate. It can cause complications in the future, especially for tooth replacement with implants because they require a solid bone structure for stability. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to prevent bone loss after extraction. Our dentists offer extraction socket preservation in Cypress, TX, which is a useful method to retain the alveolar bone at the extraction site. To learn more about the process and benefits of this procedure, contact Cypress Periodontics and Dental Implants today.

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    What Is The Purpose of Socket Preservation?

    After tooth loss or extraction, the alveolar bone loses its density and becomes flattened over time. This usually does not cause any serious oral issues but can be debilitating if you want implant replacement. For this reason, we maintain the jawbone by extraction socket preservation in Cypress, TX.

    This technique involves the placement of a bone grafting material at the extraction site. It helps to fill in the empty socket and preserves the alveolar ridge. Through this technique, the bone around the extraction socket is retained, which can be used later for the insertion of dental implants.

    Socket preservation also helps to prevent the occurrence of dry socket, which is a common complication after tooth extraction. The bone graft aids in keeping the blood clot secure and promotes healing.

    Extraction Socket Preservation

    Procedure of Extraction Socket Preservation in Cypress, TX

    The process of socket preservation is relatively simple and can be accomplished right after tooth extraction. After successfully extracting the damaged tooth, we will place the bone grafting material in and around the tooth socket, ensuring that there are no rough edges. The final step is to suture the soft tissues to keep the bone graft in place.

    The grafting material can be derived from natural or synthetic sources. During the process of extraction socket preservation in Cypress, TX, we may also place a membrane beneath the gum line, which helps to secure that bone graft and also stimulates the production of healthy bone.

    We will send you home with post-treatment instructions and schedule a follow-up appointment to track the progress of bone growth.

    Question About Extraction Socket Preservation ?

    Post-Operative Care After Socket Preservation

    After the process of extraction socket preservation in Cypress, TX, you may feel slight pain or tenderness at the extraction site, which is normal. It usually resolves on its own within a few days, but we will prescribe medication to ease this duration. We recommend eating a soft diet from the other side of your mouth for a few days until the extraction socket heals to a certain extent. Avoid drinking with a straw, gargling, or spitting forcefully for the first 24 hours. We also suggest avoiding smoking during the recovery period, as it may delay healing. If any problem arises, contact our doctors immediately.

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    Extraction socket preservation in Cypress, TX, can enhance your chances of getting dental implants after tooth extraction. Call us at (281) 677-0222 to book an appointment today and learn more about our oral care services.

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