Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment in Cypress, TX

Healthy gums are a sign of a healthy smile. They are an essential component of oral health because they provide a protective covering for the tooth roots and hold them in place. Inflammation of the gums, or gingivitis, occurs when bacteria from plaque and tartar invade the gum pockets. It can lead to periodontal disease if it progresses, severely affecting your gums and jawbone. Fortunately, we can prevent such complications with non-surgical periodontal treatment in Cypress, TX, which halts the progression of periodontal disease at an early stage. These techniques are simple, conservative, and affordable, allowing you to enjoy a healthy smile without needing surgery. Contact Cypress Periodontics and Dental Implants to learn more about our periodontal services.

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    Why Do I Need Periodontal Treatment?

    When we eat food, a thin layer of plaque builds up on the surface of our teeth that contains food debris, salivary contaminants, and oral microorganisms. Plaque can be easily removed with regular brushing, but if it stays longer, it converts into tartar which is harder to remove. The layer of plaque closer to the gum line provides an easy gateway for oral bacteria to enter your gums.

    These bacteria trigger an inflammatory response that results in red, swollen, and tender gums. This stage is known as gingivitis. At this stage, timely non-surgical periodontal treatment in Cypress, TX, can help prevent the development of full-blown periodontal disease. Lack of intervention may cause future complications, including loss of multiple teeth.

    Non-surgical Periodontal Treatment

    What Are The Indications For Periodontal Treatment?

    Periodontal disease often progresses silently and does not present with serious symptoms until late. So it is important to notice the early signs of gum disease and get non-surgical periodontal treatment in Cypress, TX, to retain healthy gums. Common indications include:

    • Redness of the gums
    • Swollen or tender gums
    • Bleeding from gums
    • Pain in gums
    • Increased tooth sensitivity
    • Pus discharge
    • Gum recession

    Question About Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment ?

    Types of Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment in Cypress, TX

    Dental Cleanings

    When gum disease is in its earliest stages, we can prevent its further progression with regular dental cleanings. They are often sufficient for those patients who follow strict oral hygiene and schedule routine dental visits. Dental cleanings are completely non-invasive and do not require local anesthesia. We recommend regular dental cleanings twice yearly to maintain optimum oral health.

    Scaling and Root Planing

    These procedures involve the use of an ultrasonic scaler to deep clean the areas above and below the gum line. Scaling focuses on removing stubborn plaque and tartar deposits on the tooth surfaces. We also clean beneath the gum line for deep debridement. In root planing, we remove debris on the root surfaces and smoothen rough spots to promote reattachment of the gums. Because these techniques involve cleaning below the gum line, most patients opt for local anesthesia before the procedure to lessen discomfort.


    During scaling and root planing, our dentists may place topical antibiotics beneath the gum line to prevent periodontal disease and kill bacteria that may remain. We may also prescribe systemic antibiotics in certain cases as a part of non-surgical periodontal treatment in Cypress, TX. They provide further protection to your gums and shorten the healing period.

    Preserving Healthy Smiles With Non-Invasive Gum Treatments

    Make an appointment at our practice today to learn more about non-surgical periodontal treatment in Cypress, TX. Call us at (281) 677-0222 to schedule a consultation.

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