Ridge Augmentation in Cypress, TX

When you lose a tooth or multiple teeth, the bone around the empty tooth sockets gradually deteriorates. It occurs due to the absence of teeth and the pressure from the opposing jaw. In addition to causing a functional disturbance, bone loss can significantly impact your facial aesthetics. Furthermore, if you are considering tooth replacement options, you will need a thick bone density for a good prognosis. That’s why our dentists perform ridge augmentation in Cypress, TX, to rebuild the lost bone structure and form a supportive foundation for dental implants. Ridge augmentation also has cosmetic benefits as it restores a more youthful look! Contact Cypress Periodontics and Dental Implants to learn more.

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    Why Do I Need Ridge Augmentation?

    Tooth loss can occur due to numerous causes, even in the absence of an oral disease. The risk of tooth loss increases as your gums and jawbone weaken. Since bones form a supportive base for facial muscles, loss of bone structure also leads to facial sagging.

    For these reasons, our dentists recommend ridge augmentation in Cypress, TX. It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that involves the placement of a bone graft to restore the natural contours of the jawbone. Ridge augmentation is also very useful for those people who want full dentures or dental implants but are not suitable candidates due to excessive bone loss.

    Using ridge augmentation, we can reconstruct the natural gum line and enhance your facial aesthetics. You will notice a visible transformation of your facial features after this process!

    Ridge Augmentation

    Question About Ridge Augmentation ?

    What Are The Benefits of Ridge Augmentation in Cypress, TX?

    Our dentists perform a careful evaluation before the procedure to assess the extent of bone loss in your oral cavity. If you want to opt for tooth replacement options or enhance your facial appearance, we may recommend the ridge augmentation procedure in Cypress, TX. It provides many benefits, including:

    • Rebuilds the lost bone structure and stimulates healthy bone production.
    • Reconstructs the gum line for functional and cosmetic purposes.
    • Improves your eligibility for dental implants and complete dentures.
    • Restores a youthful look by providing support to your facial muscles.
    • Enhances your overall appearance, boosting your self-confidence.

    What Happens During The Process of Ridge Augmentation?

    To reconstruct the lost bone structure, we will harvest a bone graft from your own tissues or other sources. Typically, we recommend getting ridge augmentation in Cypress, TX, soon after tooth extraction. A long gap after the extraction period may lead to significant bone loss.

    We inject local anesthesia at the treatment site to minimize pain. Our dentist will place an incision to expose the bone and place the prepared bone graft in the area of bone loss. Once the material is set, we will suture it in place and allow the bone to heal.

    The healing period may take a few months, during which new bone will form. We will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor the progress of bone production.

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