Sedation Dentistry in Cypress, TX

We understand that most patients feel scared or anxious before getting dental treatment. It can be due to a bad experience, fear of needles, lack of familiarity with dentists, etc. Research states that millions of people in the United States, including adults, have dental phobia. Luckily, we have just the right solution to ease your worries. Our dentists offer sedation anesthesia in Cypress, TX, which helps to relieve dental anxiety and minimizes discomfort during treatment. It is a safe process for children, teenagers, and adults. If you want to experience comfortable oral care, visit Cypress Periodontics and Dental Implants today.

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    Is Sedation Dentistry Right For Me?

    Every patient wants to feel at ease during a dental visit. For this reason, our top priority is to maintain a peaceful ambiance and utilize modern equipment that makes the treatment easier. We sedation dentistry in Cypress, TX, for the following reasons:

    • Those who have severe dental anxiety can benefit from dental sedation.
    • It also helps people with the fear of needles and eases the pain during injection of local anesthesia.
    • Sedation dentistry helps to ease treatment in patients with a hyperactive gag reflex.
    • It aids children and adults with a low pain threshold to feel relaxed during dental procedures.
    • Sedation dentistry is also useful for those who are undergoing complex dental surgeries.
    Sedation Dentistry

    Types of Sedation Dentistry in Cypress, TX

    Many common dental procedures like root canals and tooth extraction are carried out under local anesthesia. However, for patients with dental phobia, we provide different options for sedation dentistry in Cypress, TX.

    Inhalation sedation

    It is the most common type of dental sedation, which employs nitrous oxide gas (laughing gas). It is ideal for patients who have mild to moderate levels of dental anxiety. Our dentists place a small nasal mask that allows the inflow of nitrous oxide in a monitored dosage. The effect wears away quickly once the flow of nitrous oxide gas stops. We commonly use inhalation sedation for pediatric dentistry to help children relax during dental treatments.

    Question About Sedation Dentistry ?

    Oral Sedation

    For this type of sedation dentistry in Cypress, TX, we prescribe an oral medication that you have to consume an hour before the surgery. The medicine gradually helps to calm your nerves, making you feel more comfortable. You remain conscious during the treatment, but you will not feel pain or discomfort. It induces a state of sleepiness for a few hours, so it is better to bring a family member or friend along to drive you back safely after the dental appointment.

    Intravenous Sedation

    Intravenous or IV sedation is the most potent form of sedation dentistry in Cypress, TX. In this case, we inject a sedative directly into your bloodstream. The effect takes place within a few minutes, and you may experience drowsiness afterward. Like oral sedation, you remain conscious during this procedure too, but it helps you feel more relaxed and minimizes pain. We reserve IV sedation for complex dental cases that involve multiple procedures.

    Get Comfortable Dental Treatment With Dental Sedation

    If you would like to learn whether you would benefit from sedation dentistry in Cypress, TX, call us today at (281) 677-0222. We are here to answer all your queries!

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