Single Tooth Implants in Cypress, TX

Many patients do not undergo treatment when they lose a single tooth because they assume that it will not affect their oral health. Unlike other medical conditions that usually resolve on their own, dental issues tend to get worse if left untreated. The loss of even a single tooth can have a huge impact on your smile. This is why our dentists recommend replacing the damaged or missing tooth as soon as possible. We provide single tooth implants in Cypress, TX, that resemble your natural tooth structure and effectively restore many oral functions. So if you are considering tooth replacement options, contact Cypress Periodontics and Dental Implants for further information.

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    What Are The Components of A Single Dental Implant?

    A single dental implant bears a close resemblance to your natural tooth structure. For this reason, many people prefer single tooth implants in Cypress, TX, for replacing missing or damaged teeth. Typically, an implant has three major components:

    • Implant post: It is a screw-like device that replaces the root portion of a tooth. Implant posts are made from biocompatible titanium that integrates with the surrounding bone tissues to form a supportive base.
    • Abutment: An implant abutment is a small metallic piece that connects the implant with the dental crown. It usually protrudes above the gum line after its placement.
    • Dental crown: It is part of a single dental implant that replaces the visible portion of your tooth. Dental crowns are cemented or fixed over the abutment after healing occurs.
    Single Dental Implant

    Benefits of Single Tooth Implants in Cypress, TX

    • They offer a permanent and durable replacement for missing or damaged teeth.
    • Single dental implants look and feel exactly like your natural teeth.
    • They provide ease in many oral functions, including eating, biting, and speaking.
    • Single tooth implants are ideal for enhancing your smile and boosting your self-confidence.
    • They are easier to maintain than other tooth replacement options.
    • These implants have excellent strength and retention because they adhere to the jawbone.

    Question About Single Tooth Implants ?

    What To Expect From The Process of Single Tooth Implants?

    During your initial visit to our clinic, we will brief the process of single tooth implants in Cypress, TX, to help you make an informed decision for your oral health. We will perform a clinical exam and record dental x-rays before the surgery.

    Implant surgery takes place under local anesthesia. After numbing the treatment site, we will place an incision over the gums to expose the underlying bone. We will use a special device to drill a small hole in the jawbone for the placement of the implant post.

    This stage is followed by a recovery period during which the implant post fuses with the surrounding bone. After proper healing, we will place the abutment and later connect it with a permanent dental crown. You will notice a visible difference in your smile after the complete procedure!

    Restoring Healthy Smiles With Single Tooth Implants in Cypress, TX

    Single tooth implants in Cypress, TX, are the ideal choice if you want a long-term replacement for damaged or missing teeth. Contact us at (281) 677-0222 to book an appointment today and learn more about the benefits of dental implants.

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