Sinus Lift in Cypress, TX

If you have lost one or more teeth in the upper back arch and are considering dental implants, you may consider a sinus lift treatment in advance. The maxillary sinus cavities lie really close to the root tips of the upper molars and premolars. The bone in that region is usually thin, which may be insufficient for the placement of dental implants. That’s why our experienced dentists perform sinus lift treatment in Cypress, TX, to lift the sinus walls and increase the bone density in that region. This technique greatly improves your eligibility for dental implants. For further details of the process, contact Cypress Periodontics and Dental Implants today.

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    What Is A Sinus Lift?

    A sinus lift in Cypress, TX, is a minimally invasive surgery to make sufficient room for dental implants. It involves the augmentation of the sinus membranes and the placement of a bone graft underneath. The bone graft acts as a stimulating factor for the production of healthy bone in that region.

    The surgery is usually completed within a single visit. However, the recovery period may be long because it takes time for the bone to grow. Once we achieve the desired results, we can move on with the process of dental implants.

    Sinus Lifts Procedure

    Who Needs To Get A Sinus Lift Treatment?

    After taking digital radiographs of your oral cavity and face, we will determine the exact position of the sinus cavities. Our dentists may recommend a sinus lift in Cypress, TX, in the following cases:

    • Loss of one or more posterior teeth in the upper jaw
    • Significant bone loss in the back end of the maxillary arch
    • Decayed or damaged molars in the upper arch
    • Enlarged sinus cavities that expand to the jawbone
    • The sinus wall is too close to the tips of upper teeth (molars and premolars)
    • Irregular bone structure due to trauma or congenital disorder

    Question About Sinus Lift ?

    How is Sinus Lift Accomplished?

    The process of sinus lift in Cypress, TX, can be carried out under local anesthesia, although some people prefer the addition of sedation anesthesia for more comfort. We will start by placing a small incision over the gum line to expose the underlying bone. The next step is to access the sinus wall. For this, we will create a small window in the bone using special instruments.

    Our dentist will gently lift the sinus membrane and place the prepared bone graft underneath it. The bone graft is usually harvested from your jaw or chin region, but if it is inadequate, we may utilize it from other sources. The final step is to suture the soft tissues to ensure that the grafting material stays in place. The healing period may take a few months until we achieve the desired level of bone.

    Get To Know More About Sinus Lift in Cypress, TX

    Bone loss in the upper jaw can make it difficult to get dental implants, but we can improve your candidacy with a sinus lift procedure in Cypress, TX. Call us at (281) 677-0222 to learn if it would benefit you.

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