Surgically Facilitated Orthodontics in Cypress, TX

At Cypress Periodontics and Dental Implants, we are proud to introduce you to the revolutionary treatment of surgical facilitated orthodontics in Cypress, TX. This innovative approach replaces the lengthy and challenging process of traditional orthodontic treatment, providing a faster and more efficient solution to achieve your desired smile.

Surgical facilitated orthodontics treatment (SFOT) combines the power of orthodontics with advanced surgical techniques to significantly reduce the time required for teeth straightening and bite correction. This cutting-edge method is particularly beneficial for individuals seeking rapid results without compromising the quality of their orthodontic care.

Our periodontist in Cypress, TX, works closely with orthodontist in a collaborative effort to deliver exceptional treatment outcomes. With extensive training and a deep understanding of dental and facial anatomy, our periodontist ensures precise and effective results throughout the entire treatment process.

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    Orthodontic Treatment with SFOT: Faster, More Efficient Results

    SFOT, or Surgical Facilitated Orthodontic Treatment in Cypress, TX, offers benefits to specific patients who require orthodontic treatment but have certain common issues that would prolong the treatment or necessitate tooth extraction or dental expansion. It is particularly useful for patients with narrow jawbones as it can reposition the teeth while preserving bone volume.

    Compared to using braces or Invisalign alone, treating complex orthodontic cases with SFOT can significantly reduce the treatment time, which typically exceeds 24 months. Teen patients may also benefit from SFOT, depending on their individual circumstances.

    During your consultation, Dr. Abdeen will assess your smile and discuss whether SFOT is the most suitable treatment option for you. At our facility in Cypress, TX, his examination will determine if surgical facilitated orthodontics treatment can deliver the most optimal results.

    Surgically Facilitated Orthodontics

    Question About Surgically Facilitated Orthodontics ?

    How Surgical Facilitated Orthodontic Treatment Works

    SFOT is a highly advanced procedure that revolutionizes orthodontic treatment by expanding the range of tooth movement without compromising periodontal health. It effectively addresses issues like insufficient alveolar bone and compromised arch forms, while ensuring optimal periodontal outcomes.

    One key advantage of SFOT is its ability to accelerate the tooth movement process by up to 50% while enhancing smile aesthetics. By gently softening the jaw bones, SFOT facilitates faster and more efficient repositioning of the teeth.

    During the SFOT procedure, the alveolar bone, responsible for holding the teeth sockets, is delicately treated and augmented with bone grafts. This process triggers natural bone healing, creating a conducive environment for teeth to be repositioned.
    As the teeth are moved and the body initiates bone regeneration, the mouth becomes more accommodating to orthodontic treatment. This remarkable mechanism enables SFOT to significantly reduce treatment time by half.

    With the surgical facilitated orthodontics treatment in Cypress, TX, patients can experience the benefits of shorter treatment duration without compromising the health and integrity of their teeth and supporting structures.

    Transform Your Smile with SFOT Today!

    Experience the life-changing benefits of surgical facilitated orthodontics right here in Cypress, TX. Our experienced team of orthodontists is here to guide you through this transformative journey. Say goodbye to crowded or crooked teeth and hello to a beautiful, confident smile. Let’s work together to create a smile that truly reflects your inner happiness and enhances your overall oral health. Don’t wait any longer; your perfect smile awaits. Schedule an appointment today!

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