Tissue Recession Treatment in Cypress, TX

Receding gums can make your gum line uneven, affecting your smile’s appearance. They also leave your tooth roots uncovered, which increases the risk of tooth sensitivity and root caries. Patients of all ages can experience gum recession, and it is not always associated with periodontal disease. At our dental practice, we offer tissue recession treatment in Cypress, TX, to restore your natural gum line and boost your confidence to smile. These treatments also prevent the progression of periodontal disease and lower the incidence of tooth decay. Contact Cypress Periodontics and Dental Implants to get early intervention for receding gums.

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    Am I A Candidate For Tissue Recession Treatment in Cypress, TX?

    The risk of gum recession increases with aging. Therefore people over the age of 60 commonly have moderate to severe gum recession. Before proceeding with treatment options, it is important to determine the cause of gum recession so it can be rightfully addressed. One major cause is periodontal disease, which weakens your gingival tissues. Consequently, they pull back from the teeth, exposing tooth roots.

    Less common causes of gingival recession include aggressive brushing, bruxism (teeth grinding), ill-fitting dentures, misaligned teeth, or certain medical conditions like diabetes. Our dentists will examine your gums to decide if you are a suitable candidate for tissue recession treatment in Cypress, TX.

    Tissue Recession Treatment

    Question About Tissue Recession Treatment ?

    What Does Tissue Recession Treatment Entail?

    After your initial evaluation, our team will choose the right treatment option for you based on the severity of gum recession. Tissue recession treatment in Cypress, TX, ranges from non-invasive techniques to surgical options for improving gum health.

    Pinhole Surgical Technique

    Patients with mild to moderate gingival recession will benefit from Pinhole Surgical Technique, a minimally invasive method to restore the natural gum line. This tissue recession treatment in Cypress, TX, is unique because it does not require incisions or sutures. We make small holes in the gum tissues and gently tug them over to cover the exposed tooth roots. It offers a faster recovery period with minimal risk of post-treatment complications.

    Gum Grafts

    Gum grafting surgery is the most effective treatment for receding gums. It offers excellent and long-lasting results. The recovery period after gum grafting surgery typically lasts for 3 to 4 weeks. We will provide detailed instructions to look after your gums and the donor site during the healing time.

    Get Early Treatment For Receding Gums

    Gum recession affects your oral health, increases the risk of tooth decay, and impacts your smile. You can prevent these consequences by getting tissue recession treatment in Cypress, TX, at an early stage. Contact us at (281) 677-0222 today to schedule a consultation.

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